Birding RSS feed for public list Birding A field guide to the birds, giving field marks of all species found east of the Rockies; by Peterson, Roger Tory, All the birds of North America : by Griggs, Jack L. Beautiful blackbird / by Bryan, Ashley. Birds / by Bailey, Jill. Birds / by Henkes, Kevin Birds make nests / by Garland, Michael, Birds of North America : by Robbins, Chandler S. Citizen scientists : by Burns, Loree Griffin. Dawn light : by Ackerman, Diane, Enjoying Maine birds : by Anderson, Richard B. Extraordinary birds / by Stark-McGinnis, Sandy, Gardening for the birds : by Adams, George Martin. Have you heard the nesting bird? / by Gray, Rita, Hawk rising / by Gianferrari, Maria, How to heal a broken wing / by Graham, Bob If I were a bird / by Gill, Shelley, Look up! : by Cate, Annette LeBlanc. Mama built a little nest / by Ward, Jennifer. MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. Moonbird : by Hoose, Phillip M., Nesting / by Cole, Henry, Pale male Penguins / by Franzen, Lenore. Quiet in the garden / by Aliki. Silent spring / by Carson, Rachel, The bird feeder book : by Stokes, Donald. The bird garden : by Kress, Stephen W. The birds of America / by Audubon, John James. The boy who drew birds : by Davies, Jacqueline, The complete book of birdhouses & feeders / by Russo, Monica. The loon : by Dunning, Joan. The loon / by Josephson, Judith Pinkerton. Wild wings / by Lewis, Gill